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Everyone loves music, which is why you’ll find a speaker (or several!) in most people’s homes. Their universal appeal and popularity make them an attractive promotional giveaway, as well as an employee reward or client gift. However, with an abundance of speakers to choose from and a multitude of aspects to consider, purchasing quality speakers to match your audience can be a daunting task. We’ve put this guide together to help you find the right type of portable speaker that will resonate with your audience while listing out all of the additional factors you’ll need to consider such as price, size, operating distance, and more.



Below is a list of common terms used to describe speakers, which will be found throughout our guide.

Speaker Term Definition
Charging & Playback Time Most of our portable speakers include rechargeable batteries and will need to be charged for a certain period of time (charging time). The time it takes to fully charge each speaker will vary per device, as well as the hours each speaker can be used before another charge is needed (playback time).
LED Bluetooth Indicator Some of our speakers include an LED Bluetooth indicator. This will signal if the Bluetooth technology is on and connected to a device, or if the technology is off.
NFC technology Near Field Communication is a form of contactless communication between the speaker and your device. NFC uses electromagnetic radio fields, rather than Bluetooth which uses radio transmissions. Only compatible with certain devices.
Operating Distance Average Bluetooth operating range is between 15-30 feet. We carry some speakers that have a larger operating distance.



The first step in finding the right speaker is understanding what the intended use will be. Does your audience prefer to use their speakers outdoors, in the home, or when traveling?


Custom speakers for outdoor use

Many people prefer outdoor compatible speakers, especially during the warmer months. Outdoor speakers come in handy at the beach, pool, campsites, cookouts, the list goes on! Since they have to work in a variety of outdoor environments, it is recommended to look for speakers with longer playback times and farther operating distances That way, you can listen to hours of music outdoors without having to find an outlet. Also, consider water-resistant speakers to avoid damage from rain splashes or accidental spills.


Most popular outdoor speakers:


Custom speakers for home use

We carry a wide selection of speakers for home or indoor use. These speakers can be placed in the kitchen, office, or any room where a tablet or handheld device is connected. Many of our speakers feature a built-in mic for easy hands-free calling, which is useful while cooking, exercising, cleaning, and more. Charging and playback times are not going to be a high concern for home and indoor use speakers since they will most likely be close to a power outlet.


Most popular home speakers:


Custom Speakers for Traveling

If your audience intends on taking their speakers with them on the go, they must be compact, lightweight, and portable. Playback Time is one of the most important aspects to consider before purchasing since an outlet won’t be accessible most of the time. Along with a lengthy playback time, a shorter charge time is ideal for these speakers


Most popular travel speakers:



Since speakers are a promotional product that can last a lifetime, purchasing a speaker from a well-known brand is worth the investment, especially for client and employee gifts. With popular and sleek electronic brands like Brookstone and JBL, users will be able to rely on their speakers, using them time and time again!

Brookstone Speakers:
Brookstone is known for its assortment of unique electronics. We carry fun Brookstone speaker options like the pop-up speaker, which collapses for easy portability!
JBL Speakers:
JBL is a widely recognized trendy electronic brand, popular among artists, musicians, and professional athletes. We carry some of their top portable water resistant speakers.



  1. Price

    We understand that you have a budget for your custom speakers, and we’re here to help you get the best deal possible. We offer a variety of price options for our speakers, making it easy to find a speaker that fits within your budgetary constraints. If you are on a tight budget, we carry affordable wholesale speakers. However, keep in mind that with a promotional product such as speakers, the higher price will be rewarded in quality!

    We want to help you find the perfect speaker for the perfect price, so if you have any questions, call our team at 855-833-5893 between 9AM and 6PM EST on Monday through Friday.

  2. Size

    Size is another important aspect to consider before purchasing a custom speaker. We carry a variety of small, mid-size, and large speakers. Consider your audience – are you planning on giving speakers out at a tradeshow or promotional event? Then, you may want to consider purchasing lighter and more compact speakers. However, if you plan on giving away speakers as client gifts or holiday gifts, we carry larger and higher quality options, such as our Wooden Bluetooth Speaker

  3. Charging time & playback time

    Depending on the intended use of the speaker, your audience may need one that offers hours and hours of playback time, especially if they will be used for travel or outdoor activities. Most product pages include the charging time and playback time within the descriptions, but if you have any specific questions or if the information is not available, you can call our team at 855-833-5893 between 9AM and 6PM EST on Monday through Friday.

  4. Operating range

    The operating distance of speakers will vary depending on the speaker, however, the average Bluetooth working range is between 15-30 feet. Most of our speakers fall within that range, but we also carry speakers where the operating distance is over 30 feet.

  5. Waterproof & water-resistant speakers

    Our waterproof speakers and water-resistant speakers are great for outdoor use, bringing to the beach, or even using in the shower. Note that waterproof speakers can withstand any amount of water, while water-resistant speakers will only be able to handle light rain or accidental spills. Waterproof and water-resistant speakers tend to be pricier but can last for years and years.

  6. Custom amplifiers

    Amplifiers serve as an affordable and more compact alternative to regular speakers, making them great for bulk giveaways and gifts. They’re also flexible, lightweight, and do not require external power. Choose from a variety of designs and colors.

  7. Unique speakers

    We carry a variety of unique speakers with special features. These will help your brand stand out and leave a lasting impression.

    • Speaker coolers Our speaker coolers are the perfect option for camping, tailgates, or beach trips. They are compatible with most CD and MP3 players, which includes iPods.
    • Flashlight speaker Flashlight speakers are great for camping and outdoor events. You can take our compact Bluetooth lantern flashlight with you on the road since it can easily twist down to fit into bags and backpacks.
    • Clip speaker Our ultra-light JBL Clip Speaker can accompany you wherever you go! Clip it on your clothing or your bag for easy portability.