Umbrellas Buying Guide

Umbrella Buying Guide

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Why Buy Promotional Umbrellas?

As the old saying goes, “Into each life a little rain must fall,” which is why promotional umbrellas are a great tool for promoting your business.No one likes to be caught out without an umbrella, just in case, and so your customers will take your imprinted umbrellas with them wherever they go, hold on to them for years, and be profoundly grateful every time the drops start falling and they open them up. And each time those umbrellas open, your logo will be displayed boldly on a broad imprint area for all to see. Umbrellas aren’t just for keeping off the rain; they also come out on hot, sunny days for some welcome shade. Either way, your promotional umbrella will do its job for you and your customers again and again.

Umbrellas come in many sizes, shapes, and prices, so here is a guide to helping you choose the best custom umbrella for your promotional needs.

Types of Promotional Umbrellas

Classic Umbrella

The classic umbrella is the traditional long-shafted model with a canopy arc (the diameter of the canopy adjusted for the curve) of 38 to 46 inches, providing ample space on the panels for your logo. This type of custom umbrella has a traditional appeal that translates into a high perceived value, and Deluxe has several models with both straight and curved handles to choose from.

Golf Umbrella

Rising in popularity are promotional golf umbrellas, both on and off the course. With a larger canopy arc, from 48? to a whopping 68?, many of these umbrellas can protect two people from the elements while displaying your brand in big and bold fashion. These umbrellas are also ideal for the beach, protecting your customers from the sun while exposing your logo to the world. Several models of custom golf umbrellas also carry a wind-proof feature, an extra canopy layer that can divert and circulate wind up to 55 mph. Anyone who’s ever had an umbrella turn inside-out on a blustery day will appreciate this feature.

Folding Umbrella

For commuters, students, and customers on the go, there is nothing handier than a folding umbrella, which features hinged ribs under the canopy that fold in on themselves and a telescoping shaft, allowing a full-sized umbrella to collapse to backpack- or tote-bag-size in seconds. When unfolded, each of our promotional folding umbrellas provides the same range of canopy arc as the classic variety, and thus the same broad canvas for displaying your logo, and the convenience of this type insures that your brand will go wherever your customers go.


Sometimes even a folding umbrella isn’t compact enough. Your customers may want a bumbershoot that fits into a purse or a coat pocket. That’s where our selection of custom mini-umbrellas comes in. With this type, your brand goes on the handle or the carrying sleeve rather than on the canopy, but what is lost in imprint area is more than made up for in frequency of use. Every time it starts to sprinkle, their promotional umbrellas – and your logo – will be right at hand.

How to Buy Promotional Umbrellas

At Deluxe we have a wide selection of custom umbrellas to choose from. Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting your imprinted umbrella.

Customers’ Needs

Are your prospective clients downtown professionals or outdoorsy types? Are they commuters who need an umbrella for the car, or students who carry everything from class to class on their backs? Since the two best features of promotional umbrellas are their wide imprint area and their sheer usefulness, you want to choose an umbrella that will travel with your customers as far and as often as possible.


There are pros and cons to each type of umbrella, and to certain features of many of them. Several of our imprinted umbrellas, for example, have an auto-open feature – press a button and the umbrella telescopes out and opens by itself – which some will find very cool but others may find unusable, say, at a crowded bus stop or train platform. Another feature to consider is the material of the shaft. Most of our custom umbrellas have aluminum shafts, which are lightweight and durable, but we also offer umbrellas with wood and fiberglass shafts for those concerned about using a metal umbrella in a storm.

Imprint Area

You should also consider the imprint area available to you on your promotional umbrella’s canopy. The ribs divide the canopy into panels, and most customers elect to position their logos on one or two panels. To help you with your decision, each umbrella listing on our website includes the imprint area per panel for that model.

Of course, in addition to our award-winning site, our Promotions Specialists are just a phone call away to answer any questions you may have and to make your experience with Deluxe as smooth and pleasant as possible.

Ready to order some promotional umbrellas? Have a question about this product? Please contact us. We can take your order over the phone or answer any questions you may have.