Mints Buying Guide

Mints Buying Guide
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Why Buy Promotional Mints?

One of the most popular promotional items in the catalog are promotional mints of all kinds, and with good reason. Mints are a staple of people’s pockets and purses, kept close at hand for a quick breath-freshener, a refreshing pick-me-up, an alternative to smoking, and in the case of peppermints, an aid to digestion. When packaged in pocket-sized containers, mints provide a reason for customers to view your logo or graphics again and again, resulting in many impressions for relatively little cost.

When selecting promotional mints and custom mint tins, there are many configurations to consider, from small cardboard boxes filled with hard wintergreen to glass gift jars filled with buttermints. This guide will outline the various options available to help you find the mints that meet your promotional needs.

Flavors of Promotional Mints

Being candy, mints come in many different shapes — flat round, spherical, elliptical — which we offer appropriate to the type of container they come in. The following is a general breakdown of the flavors of mints available at Deluxe (note than there are several sugar-free options available as well).


These candy mints are flavored with the oil of the spearmint (mentha spicata), which is the mint leaf one usually finds in the supermarket and in mint juleps. It is known for its qualities as a digestive aid and its antioxident properties. It has a mild, refreshing taste.


A hybrid of spearmint and watermint, peppermint has been used medicinally and as a flavoring for ten thousand years. In candy mints, it has a sharper bite than spearmint and stronger digestive properties, making it a popular option for after meals.


Not actually a mint, wintergreen oil has a refreshing property that makes it a regular alternative to spearmint or peppermint.


These are soft candies, often pillow-shaped, that contain both mint oil and butter, giving them a low melting point that makes them very pleasing as they dissolve quickly in one’s mouth. These mints are very popular in restaurants.

Red Hots

Small cinnamon candies with a chewy shell (we’ve come to call these candies “Red Hots” in the popular vernacular, but the term is actually a trademark of the Ferrara Pan Candy Company).

Packaging for Custom Mints

The packaging for promotional mints is where your brand or message gets the opportunity to shine, and there are several options to choose from, many of them able to take four-color graphics.

Hinged Mint Tins

These tins are rectangular metal boxes with snap closures in large and small sizes. The lid provides a nice flat imprint area on which a logo can be screenprinted directly or a four-color process laminated label applied. This is a great package as the durable tin can be used for other purposes once the mints are gone, from holding small objects or change to a handy place for business cards.

Snap Top Tins

These are round, flat tins with a dimpled lid. When you depress the center of the lid, teeth around the rim let go to allow the lid to be removed. To reseal the tin, replace the lid and the teeth pop back into place. These tins afford the same imprinting options as hinged tins, but are a little harder to negotiate if the tin is not sitting on a flat surface.

Razor Sliding Mint Tin

This rectangular tin is smaller than the hinged tin but has the advantage of a lid that slides to the side rather than lifting, making access to the mints easy and reducing the prospect of spilling.

Plastic Mint Dispensers

These dispensers are flat, lightweight, and allow easy dispensing of the mints inside. They also come in a variety of shapes for added impact. Some models take a direct imprint while others take a four-color process label.

Recyclable Advertising Mint Box

These small cardboard boxes carry text and full-color graphics on five sides, with a flap opening on one long side for easy dispensing. Ideal for mass advertising, complex graphics, or photos, the only drawback is that these boxes have no second life beyond the mints, but the bright, beautiful look of these boxes should make sufficient impact before they hit the recycling bin.

Pill Bottles

A natural fit as a promotional item for doctors’ offices, pharmaceutical businesses, or anyone wishing to make a point about healing what ails their potential customers, these brown plastic pill bottles take a wraparound four-color process adhesive label to display your logo and graphics, while the “pills” inside can be any flavor of mint you wish.

Individually Wrapped Mints

These pillow-shapped wrappers in solid colors and foils will not last long, but they give you a chance to make one good solid impression before the customer pops the mint and discards the wrapper. A great idea for desktop giveaways to clients during meetings or on a countertop next to the associate at the front desk.

How to Buy Promotional Mints

The primary question to consider when shopping for promotional mints is the longevity of the promotion. While most promotional products are designed with the idea of lasting usefulness which will result in many impressions over time, edible products are designed to be consumed and the packaging discarded. Furthermore, the impressions these products generate will be mostly confined to the one customer who will carry them around in a pocket or bag until the mints are gone. Our experience is that our customers experience a high ROI with promotional mints, but it’s important to be sure that mints are the appropriate item to meet your particular needs.

Ready to order some promotional mints? Have a question about this product? Please contact us. We can take your order over the phone or answer any questions you may have.