Golf Tees Buying Guide

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Why Buy Golf Tees?

For such a small item, personalized golf tees are an excellent way to promote big. Like promotional golf balls, golf tees are an unusual but memorable alternative to business cards and other leave-behinds. For potential clients who are golfers, as giveaways for sporting-goods stores, or as gifts for guests at golf resorts, country-club members, or participants in golf tournaments, packets of golf tees are an inexpensive way to make an impact.

Deluxe has a number of different custom golf tee options to choose from. Most include sets of standard 2-1/8? tees, though we also have tees up to 3-1/4?, still well within regulation length. Most of our golf tees come packaged in sets that include several tees with logos silkscreened onto the shafts, but many include imprinted ball markers and divot tools as well. We also have some eco-friendly options with quick-degrading bamboo tees.

Types of Golf Tee Packaging

Golf Tee Packets

These are probably the most effective and convenient form of promotional golf tee packaging, a matchbook-style envelope containing 4 or 6 imprinted tees and golf markers. The envelope is also printed with your logo, graphics, and/or contact information in a handy pocket-sized package guaranteed to make an impression.

Golf Tee Pouches

When six tees aren’t enough, these pouches contain 25 tees in a translucent pouch bearing a one-color logo or graphic. The tees themselves may be imprinted or blank to fit your budget.

Eco Golf Tees

For the promotion that combines golf with an earth-friendly sensibility, we have packages that include natural fiber bags and tees manufactured for accelerated degradation, which helps to reduce the impact on both the number of trees used to make tees and on greens fees by lowering maintenance costs.

How to Buy Golf Tees

Before you decide that golf tees are the promotional tool to go with, it is important to keep an couple of points in mind. First bear in mind that, like all promotional products, golf tees are meant to be used. Unlike most promotional products, however, many of these tees won’t survive a single solid drive, so it is advised that you weigh the nifty portability and presentation of a four-tee packet against the longevity of a package with many tees.

Second, like most smaller items, there is a high minimum order quantity to make setup cost-effective, so we suggest you look at both our competitive base pricing and our minimum quantity before placing your order. Promotional golf tees are a very popular item with a high ROI, but they can be pricey in bulk. Consult one of our Promotions Specialists with any questions you may have.

Ready to order some custom golf tees? Have a question about this product? Please contact us. We can take your order over the phone or answer any questions you may have.