Plastic Stadium Cups Buying Guide

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Why Buy Plastic Cups?

Custom Plastic Cups are great giveaways appropriate for just about every occasion, ranging from high school athletic banquets to wedding receptions! Place your school’s mascot on our custom stadium cups, and sell them as souvenir items at the concession stand. Plastic cups also make great giveaways for restaurants, so if you own an eatery, you should pick some up. With so many options, it can be tough to choose the right custom stadium cups for your promotion. Keep reading this guide for more information on buying plastic cups from Deluxe.

Where to Use Plastic Cups

Since plastic cups are one of the most versatile promotional items you can buy, there are few places where they are not appropriate. Read below to see some of the most popular places people use plastic cups.

  • Events: Lightweight and durable, plastic cups are the ideal drinkware for events.
  • Offices: Who says you have to give the cups away? Order some plastic cups to stock the office pantry!
  • Item Giveaways: Give recipients a cup with your logo on it to spread your brand to places where you couldn’t otherwise reach!
  • Booster Club Fundraisers: Ready fans for the big game with custom plastic cups and other tailgating gifts.
  • Trade Show Giveaways: Offer convention attendees a cup with your business card inside and watch the leads roll in.
  • Class Reunions: Because they’re inexpensive and can be made quickly, Plastic Cups are popular class reunion favors and family reunion giveaways.
  • Weddings: Plastic cups are one of the most popular custom wedding favors Deluxe sells.

Who Can Use Plastic Cups

Because promotional plastic cups are so useful, they are among the most diverse promotional items your money can buy. Let’s take a look at some of the most common buyers of plastic cups.

  • Companies: Because they’re so versatile, plastic cups can be used by companies at corporate events, company picnics, or even in the office breakroom.
  • Brides and Wedding Planners: With their small size and high reuse rates, Plastic Cups make excellent wedding favors.
  • Event Organizers: As mentioned, plastic cups are high-demand commodities for events.
  • Booster Clubs: Perfect for the high school concession stands, plastic cups will bring in valuable dollars for your high school’s sports teams.
  • Non-Profit Organizations: Looking for an inexpensive entry-level donation gift? When it comes to nonprofit promotional products, plastic cups cannot be beat!
  • Bars and Restaurants: Ideal restaurant promotional products, plastic cups are great for to-go orders and kids’ meals.
  • Souvenir and Gift Shops: Thanks to their utility and low cost, plastic cups are must-have items for any souvenir shop!

Things to Remember When Buying Plastic Cups

At Team Deluxe, we’re proud of our selection of stadium cups. Here are some key aspects of buying custom plastic cups that you should keep in mind as you shop.

  • Straws: Looking for a low-cost, high-use client gift? Go with one of our plastic cups that includes a straw. Recipients will appreciate the additional touch.
  • Lids: Some of the plastic cups in our catalog include optional lids, so be sure to inquire with your salesperson if this is a service you require.
  • Insulation: Double-wall cups provide better insulation than standard single-wall options, making them great for customer and employee appreciation gifts.
  • Imprint Options: Most cups can only support one-color imprints; however, we do carry some full-color custom plastic cups.
  • Material: If you’re concerned by the health implications of using BPA plastic, make sure you select one of our custom BPA-Free Plastic Cups.
  • Brand: Discerning recipients are sure to appreciate one of our Custom Tervis tumblers.
  • Production Time: Most plastic cups can be made with in 3-5 business days. If you’re in a time crunch, start your search by looking at our free 24 hr production plastic cups.
  • Quantity: The minimum quantities for plastic cups range from 24 pieces to 500 pieces. Some items may be available at less than minimum quantities with the payment of a less-than-minimum fee. Inquire with a salesperson to find out whether this is available for your item.
  • Capacity: Our cups range from kid-friendly sizes of 8 oz all the way up to 27 oz. Depending on how you anticipate using the cups, you should opt for a cup somewhere between 12 and 18 oz.
  • Country of Manufacture: Concerned about ordering items made overseas? Deluxe has several made in the USA plastic cups to choose from, too.

Other Resources on Buying Plastic Cups

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