Stickers Buying Guide

Stickers Buying Guide

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Why Buy Customized Stickers, Promotional Roll Labels, & Custom Car Decals?

If you are looking for a simple promotional item that will tirelessly push your brand, company, or message, then look no further than customized stickers, promotional roll labels, and custom car decals.

After all, there is a good chance that you have at least one sticker of some kind on your car. Imagine if a thousand people had your sticker on their car. What would that do for your business? Similarly, if your company makes heavy use of direct mailing, consider ordering some custom roll labels to seal each envelope shut. Not only will the contents of the envelope be better protected, your customers will also appreciate the little extra step you took to protect your message.

Buying Custom Stickers

Perhaps the most basic promotional tool available, custom stickers can be applied to any item to instantly make it relevant to your company. In fact, a promotional sticker can turn anything into a promotional item. So if your company is attending a trade show soon, think about picking up some personalized stickers to hand out to attendees. They can place the stickers on their laptops, their bags, or on their shirts to show their support for your company or organization. We even offer stickers specially cut to fit on the latest and greatest smartphones!

Deluxe also carries a number of promotional bumper stickers, so if you have a message that you want taken to the streets, we can help you out!

Buying Imprinted Roll Labels

If you want something a little less garish than a full-size custom sticker, consider about imprinted roll labels for your company. Seal official company mailings with your own custom label for a touch of elegance. You could also use such labels for inventory control, warning labels, union-made labels, and pharmaceutical labels, or you could customize company literature with a label.

Buying Promotional Car Decals

In addition to stickers and buttons, Deluxe also carries a number of custom car decals that carry your message from the office, trade show, or seminar and take it to the streets. If you’re concerned that your audience will not want to affix a sticker to their car permanently, not to worry. We also carry a number of static-cling decals.

How to Buy Personalized Stickers, Promotional Car Decals, and Customized Roll Labels

Regardless of the type of sticker you’re buying, there are a number of things you should consider before buying, namely how you intend for your audience to use the sticker, the adhesiveness of the sticker, its durability, how many stickers to order, and how the sticker will be imprinted with your logo.


Stickers are great for general audiences because they can be used anywhere. More and more young people have taken to putting stickers on their laptops, so if you’re promoting an event at a school, certainly consider ordering some promotional stickers for that very purpose.
Car decals are the most useful when you know your target audience is old enough to drive, so if you’re planning to promote a children’s event, you may want to think about getting a promotional item other than car decals since the target audience is too young to operate a car.


After you’ve determined how you anticipate your audience will use the stickers, you should next decide which shape of sticker to get. To make it easier for you to locate just the sticker you want, Deluxe has divided its selection of stickers into the following sub-categories: Oval Stickers, Round Stickers, Square Stickers, Bumper Stickers, and Rectangle Stickers.


As you browse the custom stickers available in the Deluxe catalog, you will probably notice a product filter entitled Adhesiveness, which allows you to locate only those stickers that are permanently affixed, feature a removable adhesive, or stay fastened via static cling. Which type of sticker you choose depends on how you intend for your audience to use it.

If you wish for your end-user to place the sticker on a surface indefinitely, then order a sticker featuring permanent adhesive. These will last a long time and generally only come off when forcefully removed. On the other hand, if you don’t mind that your audience may eventually remove the sticker, think about ordering a sticker with removable adhesive or static cling. Your customers will appreciate not having to clean off a sticky residue whenever they’re ready to take down your sticker.


As you continue your search through Deluxe’s selection of custom stickers, You will also notice another filter specific to the Sticker category, Durability. This will filter products that can be used exclusively indoors, both inside and outside, as well as stickers that should be used outside. This is useful if you want to order stickers that can be used on people’s cars or if you’re purchasing some that should only be used on the indoor items.


Most stickers in the Deluxe catalog must be ordered in quantities of at least 100 or more. While some stickers require only 50 items to order, most require 125 or 250. You can use the Order By drop-down menu to sort the product results by minimum quantity in case you are looking to order as few stickers as possible.

Imprint Method

Stickers and decals both use offset lithography as their imprint method, and most are available with a full-color imprint, but be sure to check the description of the item you’re interested in to ensure that this is the case for your item.

Some roll labels take heat stamping and others are imprinted via embossing, so again, look at the description of the item you want to see what sort of imprint method will be used. Alternatively, you can contact one of our Promotions Specialists at 800-544-0127 from 9AM and 6PM EST Monday-Friday with any questions you may have.

Ready to order some customized stickers, promotional car decals, or personalized roll labels? Have a question about this product? Please contact us. We can take your order over the phone or answer any questions you may have.

Items pictured above are for illustrative purposes only and may not be available at the time of your order.