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Why Buy Promotional Magnets?

Because of their versatility and ease of use, promotional magnets are among the most popular forms of visual advertising — and one of the most cost-effective.

Magnets are amazing things. They give us electricity, make recorded music possible, store the information on our credit cards, and provide us with some of the best promotional items for advertising a brand or business out there. The injection of ferromagnetic particles into flexible vinyl creates a material that can be overlaid with full-color images and cut to specific shapes, resulting in a high-visibility sign that can be mounted in high-traffic areas for maximum impact and then easily removed and mounted somewhere else.

Relatively cheap to produce, magnets can be passed out at events, used as business cards, or mounted on cars to generate countless impressions for a huge ROI. Add to that the fact that a magnet tends to stay put for long periods of time, both as decoration and as a handy way to tack notes, memos, and children’s art to the family or breakroom fridge, and you have a promotional item that pulls many times its weight.

Needless to say, the number of different varieties of promotional magnets is enormous, so much so that we’ve divided Deluxe’s inventory into categories to make it easier to find just the right magnet to meet your needs.

Types of Promotional Magnets

Business Card Magnets

Easily our most popular variety of promotional magnets, business card magnets carry the same graphics and contact information as traditional business cards but with much more visibility and much longer life. A business card magnet will go onto a refrigerator or other metal surface rather than get lost in a drawer or a wallet, generating impressions at a rate of mere fractions of a cent per hit.

Car & Outdoor Magnets

Another popular category of promotional magnets are the large magnets that affix to a car door or tailgate to turn your vehicle into a roving billboard for your business. Also a great team spirit item for raising funds for school athletics, these are 30-mil thick magnets guaranteed to hold on to a vehicle even at high speeds. One cannot underestimate the eye-catching value of a bright, colorful sign displayed prominently on the side of a car or truck or the sheer number of views that sign will get.

Awareness Ribbon Magnets

The crossed ribbon has become the universal symbol of support for causes worldwide, whether it be the yellow ribbon supporting U. S. troops, the red ribbon for AIDS awareness, the pink ribbon calling for a cure for breast cancer, or a veritable rainbow of other colors and causes. Whatever your awareness campaign, you’ll find an awareness ribbon magnet to use as a giveaway or a fundraiser, custom-imprinted with the message of hope you wish to convey.

Button Magnets

If you’re looking for a magnet that expresses something simple, strong, and iconic, a button magnet may be just the thing. Made using a metal shell on a full magnet back, an image is laid out and then mylar-laminated. These magnets come in square, rectangle, and circle shapes and while they don’t provide the surface area of a business card magnet, these magnets would be great for souvenirs and mementos from a tourist destination or an event.

Calendar & Schedule Magnets

Calendar magnets and magnets that display team or meeting schedules have a double advantage: high visibility and frequency of use. As giveaways to customers or boosters who want a handy schedule of game times, these magnets guarantee a high number of impressions for your brand or business .

Food & Beverage Magnets

We recommend this selection for restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, farmers’ markets, and local food co-ops who want to remind their neighbors that there are alternatives to big-box eateries. Note that vinyl-backed magnets can be custom-cut, so if you don’t see a magnet that meets your needs contact one of our Promotions Specialists about custom magnet options.

Geometric Shaped Magnets

This category provides a nice selection of our promotional magnets broken down by standard shapes: round, oval, square, rectangle, and octagon. Our octagonal magnets are good for creating a design based on a stop sign, always a powerful attention-grabber.

Home & Construction Magnets

Carpenters, contractors, construction firms, real estate agencies and appraisers, rental companies, mortgage lenders – anyone involved in the building, financing, selling, or repair of homes will find a potent promotional tool in these house-shaped magnets.

Jumbo Magnets

For situations where you have more information to present than a smaller promotional magnet can hold — a particularly busy event schedule, for example, or a basketball team schedule — or if you simply want your graphics to make a bigger splash, we have a selection of magnets in larger sizes, from 5?x7? to 8 1/2?x11?, that will mount with eye-catching size and color.

Medical & Healthcare Magnets

Promotional magnets for medical and dental offices and pharmacies are a natural fit, as having contact information for these offices handy is a great source of security for patients and parents. We offer a wide variety of medical-themed magnets with large imprint areas to take all of your contact info, alternate phone numbers, and the full roster of doctors in your practice.

Sports Magnets

As fundraisers for school athletics programs or as giveaways for small businesses who support local athletics, these magnets in a variety of sports-themed shapes are terrific promotional items. Several of these magnets are large enough to display a full season’s schedule, which makes high visibility and multiple impressions a certainty.

Technology Magnets

When you want your customers, patients, or potential helpline users to reference your phone number in a pinch, what better image for a promotional magnet than a telephone? This category includes several phone-shaped magnets, among other electronic devices.

Transportation Magnets

Magnets shaped like police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances are very popular with emergency services who use them as school and community giveaways to remind citizens of their phone numbers and of 911. This category also includes magnets shaped like trucks or vans which would be ideal for promoting delivery and trucking services, and car magnets that auto sales or rental agencies can use to advertise.

How to Buy Promotional Magnets

Promotional magnets are like business cards, in that it’s a good idea to buy in bulk for giveaways and leave-behinds. Magnets also have an advantage in that customers like to use them as memo holders and refrigerator decoration, and are loath to throw them away. Thus a promotional magnet has built-in visibility. The downside to this is that your magnet runs the risk of getting lost among other promotional magnets and souvenirs. It is therefore recommended that you look for ways to help your magnet pop through its shape, color, and graphics. Magnets that double as photo frames and calendars will stand out and are less likely to get lost on a crowded fridge.

An important thing to remember is that vinyl-backed magnets come in two thicknesses, 20 mil and 30 mil. Thicker vinyl contains a larger amount of ferromagnetic material, and so magnets for outdoor use, such as car magnets, should always be 30 mil thickness. 20 mil is just fine for indoor use and some outdoor use, but for magnets that will be used strictly outdoors, always go with 30 mil.

Ready to order some promotional magnets? Have a question about this product? Please contact us. We can take your order over the phone or answer any questions you may have.