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Color Pop Earbuds

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 5/5 stars

Published 6/23/2017 by Christina Pierce-Tomlin (Athens, GA)

Absolutely fantastic! The staff was amazing and the earbuds were very high quality. So fast and so professional!

 5/5 stars

Published 4/21/2016 by Casey (Hammond, la)

These ear buds were very popular. Everyone wanted a pair or two. lol

 5/5 stars

Published 9/04/2015 by Lillian (Chicago, IL)

We ordered these to pass out to college students and they were a big hit. The quality was a lot better than expected and the imprint was perfect!

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 5/5 stars

Published 4/16/2015 by Ellen Colwell (New York, NY)

Great product - designed and delivered in a timely manner! Derek is a great person to work with!

 5/5 stars

Published 9/12/2014 by Crystal (Merrillville, IN)

I enjoyed having an ear bud set that could fit all ears. If one doesn't work you change it to fit your ear size. Good promotional item, everyone loves having an extra set of ear buds.

 4/5 stars

Published 5/31/2018 by Emily (Natchitoches, LA)

Really happy with this product! I was concerned that the size was too small for our logo to print well, but it looks great!

 4/5 stars

Published 12/03/2015 by Nancy (Warrington, pa)

Great item for the price. Most popular selling item in our School Store.

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 4/5 stars

Published 12/10/2014 by CT (Sunnyvale, CA)

We order the black earbuds and they turned out really nice. Would definitely purchase again!

 3/5 stars

Published 8/27/2015 by Marketing Planner (Bellevue, WA)

Cute- but not well packed. All of the covers had scratches or rub marks. Not exactly the presentation we were hoping for.

 3/5 stars

Published 5/16/2013 by Julia (Indianapolis, Indiana)

The sound quality of these ear buds is not surprising given how inexpensive they are: tinny with low bass capabilities. However, they could work as back-up set, or ear buds for the gym. Being able to change out the silicone tips is nice. The silicone is very flimsy on the outside of these tips, but the ear buds fit pretty well and are comfortable. The cord for the ear buds must be wound up a particular way around the outside, or else the case won't close - simply winding it around the outside until you run out of cord will not suffice. The printing on the case looks very nice, and I like that there were so many colors to choose from. As long as you do not expect a high quality audio device with this purchase, this item is satisfactory except for the fact that the cord is difficult to wind up properly so that the case will close. This company was easy to work with and timely on the shipping for this item.

 2/5 stars

Published 9/11/2014 by Disappointed (Costa Mesa, CA)

Receive some with no lids and they were supposed to be sealed